GBIC Article

Katharine Childs takes a look at some gender differences in tinkering with software and hardware and how this influences beginner coding activities.

05 August 2020

Katharine Childs and Dan Fisher explore how young people make choices to learn about computing at clubs and in classrooms, and how these choices differ between boys and girls.

01 July 2020

In the next article in our series about gender balance in computing, Katharine Childs explores the use of computing for social good to solve real-world problems.

03 June 2020

Katharine Childs shares a student-centred approach to using role models to help girls feel that computing is a subject where they belong. Gender Balance in Computing is a four-year programme of research to explore ways to increase girls’ participation in computing. During the period of school closures, we have paused

06 May 2020