Our second anniversary is a good point in time to reflect on the NCCE’s journey so far, so today we’ve published our NCCE Impact Report looking at our work since November 2018.

25 November 2020

To celebrate two years of the NCCE, we are running a fantastic competition to give away a class set of 10 Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kits to one lucky teacher!

16 November 2020

National restrictions relating to COVID-19 came into force across England from Thursday 5 November. Although these mean that we cannot offer face-to-face support until further notice, we have plenty of other ways of supporting you online, so don't miss out.

10 November 2020

A recent survey of the first cohort of teachers to complete the Computer Science Accelerator found that the programme is having a positive impact on schools, teachers and young people.

10 November 2020

A recent survey of teachers registered on the Isaac Computer Science learning platform found that they save an average of three hours a week by using the free online resources.

05 November 2020

To celebrate This Is Engineering Day 2020 and their theme of ‘Be The Difference’, we are publishing a series of articles that tell the stories of three different students who have navigated their way through education to a career in engineering.

04 November 2020

It is with some excitement that we can announce that, after several months of working behind the scenes, our Gender Balance in Computing (GBIC) programme is reopening today!

03 November 2020

Program comprehension has become recognised as an important step in learning to program. What exactly is program comprehension, why is it so important, and how can educators develop these skills with their learners?

30 October 2020

To support schools and teachers with limited access to their school computer suite, we look at how to adapt teaching to incorporate meaningful activities that introduce ideas or develop understanding away from computers, including ideas to introduce in your classroom.

28 October 2020

Congratulations to the first 1,000 teachers to have completed the Computer Science Accelerator, from the NCCE’s Chair, Prof Simon Peyton Jones, who has praised them for helping “to make the world a better place.”

02 October 2020