As you enter your career, your first two years as an early career teacher will be heavily underpinned by professional development. Whilst you will receive a great deal of this from your schools, mentors etc, the NCCE is also on hand to help develop your teaching practice.

06 September 2022

As the school term begins and thoughts turn to new classes, here are a few tips for supporting computing teaching and learning in your school.

05 September 2022

We are excited to launch our 2022 to 2023 residential CPD programme, taking place in York at the National STEM Learning Centre.

30 August 2022

Stories around GCSE results are currently dominating the news in the run-up to the new academic year. Several news outlets, including the Guardian, have reported on the popularity of computing - with more students choosing to study computing than PE for the first time.

26 August 2022

Whether you’re just beginning your teaching career or moving into a leadership role, our offer has grown to support your needs and can help as you prepare for September.

25 August 2022

We've published the results of a project that explored the use of a teaching approach called peer instruction in secondary schools with Year 8 (pupils aged 12 to 13), with the aim of increasing girls’ engagement in computing lessons and study choices.

24 August 2022

Are you looking for activities or resources for the Autumn term to bring computing to life? We've collated ten fun and engaging activities and resources to use with your pupils.

24 August 2022

In previous posts, we've argued that practical programming is of vital importance in computing education. This post discusses what good practical programming might look like in primary and secondary schools.

22 July 2022

Are you looking for end-of-term activities to inspire your pupils' computational thinking? We've collated ten, fun and engaging activities to use in the classroom.

19 July 2022

This blog continues the series of blogs on the Practical Importance of Programming in Computing Education by the NCCE Academic Board, based on the white paper, Practical Programming in Computing Education.

14 July 2022