James Robinson provides a summary of Tsan, J. et al. In this experience report, researchers explore the practice of paired programming with primary school-aged learners.

25 February 2021

Through this report, we seek to better define digital literacy, highlight its presence and importance in the computing curriculum, and outline a progression for digital literacy modelled by the Teach Computing Curriculum.

23 February 2021

Are you looking to grow your computer science knowledge this Spring? Jump in, grab your computer and get cracking on your professional learning this term with the CS Accelerator.

22 February 2021

Dr Kathryn Atherton writes about why girls are under-represented in certain STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) A level subjects, and how we can address it.

18 February 2021

Computer science is on the rise. It is the fastest-growing subject at GCSE, and more teachers are needed to meet the demand.

11 February 2021

A rich experience of computer science in school plays a vital role in encouraging young people to pursue the subject at higher education, says Julia Adamson, Director of Education at BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT.

04 February 2021

A recent Ofsted report sought to summarise research into what works well in remote learning. In addition to signposting the NCCE offer, we asked our Subject Matter Experts what works well in their virtual classroom.

26 January 2021

We have launched an exciting new initiative to formally recognise your contribution to computing education in England.

12 January 2021

At the National Centre for Computing Education, we know that computing matters. It can help us develop a new generation of digitally-literate citizens able to actively participate in society. And it builds skills which will help pupils move forward into the roles which we will need for success in our

05 January 2021

In this paper, the two researchers (Ethel Tshukudu & Quintin Cutts) explore the process of knowledge transfer when novice programmers switch between programming languages, in order to learn how programming language transfer impacts code comprehension.

17 December 2020