A new report exploreing the importance and progression of the computer systems and networks strands of the English computing curriculum, and how these strands are covered in the Teach Computing Curriculum.

15 July 2021

All this week, we’re shining the spotlight on the 4,500 teachers who have now engaged in the CS Accelerator. Today we speak to Heather Whittle about how the CSA has benefited her teaching and the NCCE’s provision for dyslexia.

15 July 2021

All this week, we’re celebrating the CSA Class of 21, shining the spotlight on the teachers who’ve completed our CSA programme. Today we speak to Simon Wheatcroft, a storyteller, technologist, adventurer, inclusivity consultant and an ultra-runner.

14 July 2021

Pupils and teachers at North East primary schools are the first to benefit from a collaboration aimed at ensuring young people are equipped for the digital future. STEM Learning partnered with The Society for Entrepreneurial Education and Development (SEED), after the charity provided technology to school pupils in the Aim

13 July 2021

NCCE physical computing Hub kits, coming soon to a Hub near you. Looking to teach physical computing in your classroom next year but not sure where to start? Do you need free guidance, training, and access to the latest physical computing equipment? Then read on…

13 July 2021

"We’re thrilled that nearly 40 teachers are taking part in the CSA. We know that our young people will benefit from that enhanced training." The team at Delta Academies Trust, tell us more about their CSA Class of 21

13 July 2021

This week, we're celebrating the success of teachers who have completed the Computer Science Accelerator in 2020/21 and explaining how you can be part of this year's cohort.

12 July 2021

Katharine Childs examines some of the misconceptions that pupils face about what it takes to be a great computing student, and separates the myth of brilliance in computing from the reality of real-world computing success.

07 July 2021

For subject leaders, getting ready for September always brings fresh challenges. Dave Gibbs, Senior subject specialist at STEM Learning, explains how support from NCCE can help you ensure you’ve got everything in hand.

01 July 2021

The work-place is changing fast - and the needs of employers and the economy are evolving rapidly. Our Digital Skills Forum brings together speakers from industry and education for a lively discussion.

30 June 2021