This month, we've selected some sparkling, seasonal resources to help you and your pupils celebrate the festive period. From Christmas coding and digital cards to making scarf designs for snowmen, these fun-filled resources can help you to bring festive joy to your classroom this December.

29 November 2021

Culturally relevant pedagogy is a framework that emphasises valuing all learners' knowledge, heritage and ways of learning. By drawing on students' own experiences and cultural knowledge you can ensure that the computing curriculum is relevant, engaging and accessible to all.

25 November 2021

Dave Gibbs and Carrie Anne Philbin look at how the NCCE can help schools ensure all students build the knowledge and skills needed in the digital age.

24 November 2021

We spoke to Sophie Hudson, who teaches at Linton on Ouse Primary School and Nursery, about her experience of leading primary computing and how she’s benefiting from the NCCE’s support.

15 November 2021

Yesterday marked the third birthday of the NCCE. So let's look at how Teach Computing has contributed to our work with its extensive training, resources and guidance for teachers at key stages 1 to 4.

08 November 2021

Computing is a discipline rooted in three main traditions: engineering, maths and science. Depending on our own experience, we’re each likely to favour one or more of these perspectives, which can have an impact on how we present computing to our learners.

04 November 2021

Whether you’re brimming with ideas of how to lead primary computing or new in post and not knowing where to start, we can help you support colleagues and ensure computing is taught effectively in your school.

02 November 2021

How can industry and education work to boost the numbers of girls studying computing and women working in tech? Register now for this free event

28 October 2021

Following the success of our Summer pathway courses, we are delighted to be launching a year-round residential CPD programme, starting this November.

27 October 2021

Last year 2.5 million students from 56 countries took part in the annual Bebras Challenge, including nearly a quarter of a million from the UK. Chris Roffey tells us just what is so great about Bebras.

21 October 2021