Effective computing pedagogy

We’re following up our inaugural episode’s exploration of the reasons for teaching computing with a discussion about what we mean when we talk about ‘computing’.

18 October 2019

Worked examples are a tool commonly used in a range of subjects including Maths & Science to support novice learners. By studying worked examples alongside the completion of traditional practice problems, learners are exposed to the problem solving process as well as frequently applied techniques. A well constructed worked example:

10 October 2019

To round off September, we’re completing a pedagogical hat trick by sharing the very first episode of our brand-new computing education-focused podcast: Teach Computing.

23 September 2019

Jane Waite talks us through some of the many instructional approaches that are available to educators when teaching programming.

18 September 2019

Sway Grantham, Primary Learning Manager at Raspberry Pi Foundation, summarises the research findings and evidence of using manipulatives to challenge learners' concept of a computer.

18 September 2019

Every teacher understands that how you teach is as important as what you teach. Here, James Robinson describes the NCCE's plans to support teachers of Computing who are interested in pedagogical strategies and evidence-based teaching.

24 July 2019

George Boukeas, Learning Manager at Raspberry Pi Foundation, explains how Learning Objective Graphs can be used effectively in planning progression.

09 July 2019

Jane Waite, a teacher trainer and researcher at Queen Mary University of London, describes recent research on the teaching of programming in primary schools.

09 July 2019

James Robinson, Senior Learning Manager at Raspberry Pi Foundation, considers what common misconceptions learners exhibit and what techniques you can employ to mitigate them.

09 July 2019

Dr Elizabeth Hidson, Senior Lecturer in Education at University of Sunderland, describes her thesis on developing computing pedagogy within the 2014 curriculum.

02 May 2019