Effective computing pedagogy

Throughout computing, and in particular programming, there are many technical terms with precise technical meanings. This can frame expert knowledge as inaccessible to novice learners. Using semantic waves is one way to support novice learners in computing.

13 February 2020

A learner's first experience of a solution to a programming problem may in fact be the final program, polished, complete and error free. Live Coding is one approach to exposing learners to the full process of programming.

14 January 2020

Like many other teachers, I regularly used multiple choice questions in quizzes and tests, and viewed them primarily as a means of assessment. Peer Instruction turns this view on its head and instead uses multiple choice questions for teaching.

19 December 2019

Exploring Computer Science (ECS) has worked across the United States to increase opportunities for pupils from under-represented groups to access a Computer Science (CS) curriculum. How does it compare to the Computing national curriculum in England?

03 December 2019

Ben Hall explores a short paper on 'Improving Scratch Programming with CRC-card design' presented at the 14th Workshop in Primary and Secondary Education (WiPSCE).

03 December 2019

In this month's Teach Computing podcast we’ve decided to focus a whole episode on a single aspect of pedagogy and how it applies to teaching computing.

28 November 2019

Collaborative working is effective in many curriculum areas, but a structured pair programming approach can support learners to develop programs and problem solve more successfully.

14 November 2019

James Robinson explains why carefully designed multiple choice questions (MCQs) are a powerful and effective tool for assessing and addressing misconceptions held by learners.

24 October 2019

‘Data science’ is a term being used more frequently in academia and industry, but a Royal Society report, Dynamics of Data Science Skills, suggests that data science skills are an important area that should be discussed in education, and data skills need to be built into a school’s curriculum.

24 October 2019

We’re following up our inaugural episode’s exploration of the reasons for teaching computing with a discussion about what we mean when we talk about ‘computing’.

18 October 2019