Is football coming home twice in one year? Capture the FIFA Qatar World Cup fever in your classroom whilst developing your pupils’ computing skills and knowledge.

20 November 2022

When female pupils participate in non-formal computing initiatives, they may not see how this learning relates to them achieving their long-term goals. This intervention aimed to address this barrier by focusing on strengthening the links between non-formal and formal learning within schools.

01 November 2022

Physical computing can promote a broader perspective, bridging learners’ theoretical knowledge of how the hardware works and their program writing skills. It may be something to consider introducing into your school and this blog will explain how and why you should.

24 October 2022

Today we are publishing the evaluation report for the next intervention from a series of interventions designed to address various barriers to girls’ uptake in computing.

14 October 2022

As you enter your career, your first two years as an early career teacher will be heavily underpinned by professional development. Whilst you will receive a great deal of this from your schools, mentors etc, the NCCE is also on hand to help develop your teaching practice.

06 September 2022

As the school term begins and thoughts turn to new classes, here are a few tips for supporting computing teaching and learning in your school.

05 September 2022

We are excited to launch our 2022 to 2023 residential CPD programme, taking place in York at the National STEM Learning Centre.

30 August 2022

Stories around GCSE results are currently dominating the news in the run-up to the new academic year. Several news outlets, including the Guardian, have reported on the popularity of computing - with more students choosing to study computing than PE for the first time.

26 August 2022

Whether you’re just beginning your teaching career or moving into a leadership role, our offer has grown to support your needs and can help as you prepare for September.

25 August 2022

We've published the results of a project that explored the use of a teaching approach called peer instruction in secondary schools with Year 8 (pupils aged 12 to 13), with the aim of increasing girls’ engagement in computing lessons and study choices.

24 August 2022