Striving for diversity in computer science with the I Belong programme

29 April 2024

Since its launch in September 2023, our I Belong programme has grown showing schools’ aspiration to increase equity in computer science and encourage more girls to choose this key subject. The I Belong handbook is a great resource for teachers and leaders to understand the barriers to girls’ participation and take steps towards positive change. We have now produced an updated version of the handbook for you to download.

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The challenge of encouraging more girls to consider computer science is not a new one. It is a continuous journey that more and more teachers are embarking on, inspiring students and teaching a more diverse and inclusive curriculum. The I Belong programme supports you to understand challenges to girls' participation and presents a range of engagement opportunities for you to utilise in your classroom.  

Our updated handbook is an invaluable resource that brings together insights, guidance, activities and engagement initiatives; it also signposts to useful resources – all in one place. As a digital downloadable resource, the handbook can also be shared among colleagues, and more importantly, senior leadership to help you gain commitment for the purpose and thus ensuring the success on the programme’s implementation across your school.  

In our updated handbook, you can find: 

  • Increased range of strategies, initiatives, and curriculum options to support the I Belong programme 
  • Additional guidance for evidence submission to help you achieve your school certificate  
  • Integration and signposting to new content such as the DIY poster templates and careers support resources 
  • student attitude surveys to help you design interventions to improve uptake of GCSE computer science and subsequently measure changes in attitudes going forward 

Enrol and complete the I Belong programme to pave the way for more girls in computer science, ensuring they know they do belong.

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