Introducing our Initial Teacher Trainees and Early Career Teachers webinar: AI and computing education

07 May 2024

Are you ready to revolutionise your teaching methods and enhance your classroom experience?

If so, our new 'AI in Computing Teaching' webinar, tailored for Early Career Teachers (ECTs), Initial Teacher Trainees (ITTs), trainers and mentors in both primary and secondary education, is for you! Taking place on Monday, 13th May, from 4pm to 5pm, this online session is designed to illuminate the transformative power of artificial intelligence in the education industry and help you understand the impact it can have on your teaching.

Introduced by NCCE ECT specialists Tracy Chamberlain (primary) and Adam Gibson (secondary), this webinar promises an in-depth exploration of how AI can serve as a pivotal tool in computing education. Whether you're teaching young learners or guiding secondary students, the insights offered will empower you to integrate cutting-edge AI technologies into your teaching practices effectively.

We are thrilled to announce that Professor Miles Berry, a renowned expert in AI and education, will be leading the session. Known for his engaging speaking style and deep knowledge, Professor Berry will provide evidence-based insights from his extensive research, illustrating practical applications of AI that can immediately benefit both you and your students.

So, what will you learn from attending the session?

  • Time-saving tools and AI resources that can help you to reduce your workload.
  • Innovative ways to enhance educational resources using AI.
  • Strategies to engage your students more effectively through AI-driven methods.
  • Practical tips for implementing AI in everyday teaching scenarios.
  • 10 unique takeaways, where you will gain actionable advice to bring back to your classrooms right away!

This session is not just a webinar; it's a stepping stone to a broader discussion within the industry. A follow-up podcast will be available a few weeks after the webinar to cover more information and address questions raised during the session. Whether you are a new teacher eager to make your mark, an experienced educator looking to refresh your teaching methods, or a trainee or mentor in the subject of computer science, this webinar is for you!

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About the author

Adam Gibson and Tracy Chamberlain are both Early Career Teacher Specialists for the National Centre for Computing Education.