We’re pleased to introduce our new DIY poster template. Created to complement our popular ‘I Belong in Computer Science’ posters, you can put your students and alumni at the heart of inspirational displays in school, promoting computer science to students and families.

10 April 2024

We are excited to announce Isaac Computer Science’s spring into success giveaway!

19 March 2024

Alan Harrison, National Specialist for Secondary Computing Leadership, looks at how we can use the new plethora of Generative AI tools to help with planning, teaching and learning.

15 December 2023

Alan Harrison, National Specialist for Secondary Computing Leadership and the National Centre for Computing Education, discusses teaching about (generative) AI and what role it should play in education.

06 December 2023

Join the National Centre for Computing Education’s Specialists Claire Garside and Pam Jones during this short webinar, where you’ll be able to explore strategies for your upcoming GCSE option events.

01 December 2023

We are very excited to announce that we are expanding our residential offer at the National STEM Learning Centre! Enjoy a visit to the historic city of York and return to the classroom inspired and full of new knowledge.

18 October 2023

Phil Wickins, National Specialist for Primary Computing Leaders at the NCCE, discusses the importance of becoming a primary computing leader, and shines a light on just some of the resources, courses, and events that can help you along the way.

17 October 2023

Ada Lovelace Day celebrates women's achievements in STEM, while also highlighting the social disparities that persist in these fields. It serves as a reminder of the need for diversity and inclusion to create a more equitable future in science and technology.

10 October 2023

Join us as we celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth this October! This year, we are honouring the incredible black women who have made their mark in computing. From self-taught developers to space engineers, their stories will inspire and empower us all.

28 September 2023

We are excited to launch our enrichment offer for the 2023/2024 academic year. Our enrichment offer provides an excellent opportunity for teachers and students to enjoy a dynamic and engaging learning experience. How will you get involved?

18 September 2023