Introducing our exciting new Teach Computing Curriculum

03 August 2020

Over a year ago, we embarked on an ambitious project to write a collection of over 500 hours of teaching materials that would help teachers deliver the entire computing curriculum from Key Stages 1 to 4 in England. You might have seen our units of work appearing on the Teach Computing website and even downloaded them.

Since then, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to build a huge library of high quality teaching materials and have created around 3000 different files in 69 units and 24 different file types!

We’ve also put a lot of thought into about how to navigate this comprehensive catalog of content. We are therefore delighted to launch the new curriculum section of our website today.

We call it our Teach Computing Curriculum.

The new content index will help you save time and energy when preparing your computing lessons for next year. You can search for units of work by key stage or year group.

Inside each unit of work, you’ll find: a unit overview, a series of lessons, a learning graph, and assessment materials all in one place on the unit page. All our lessons can be downloaded with just one click.

Below a some examples of the new curriculum pages. Try them out yourself!

Now we’ve completed writing this comprehensive set of materials, we will next be working on ensuring that they are as useful and high quality as possible. This means reaching out to schools in England to find out what works and what could be improved.

"It's great that there are resources available that have everything we need. It gives a good foundation that, as we gain more confidence, we can build on it." - Primary Teacher
“I would like to start by saying your resources for the secondary department have been excellent and a great help for my students and I. They have made planning so much easier as a non-specialist computing teacher, so thank you!” - Computing Head of Department, Secondary
“I am a year 2 teacher and the computing lead for my school. We have not been teaching computing very effectively, largely because of hardware problems, but teachers also were not feeling confident about subject knowledge. We have a shiny new set of laptops now and I want to relaunch the teaching of computing from September (pandemic permitting!). I think you scheme of work looks absolutely brilliant. We trialled one unit in years 1 and 2, and found them so clear and easy to follow, with excellent resources and explanations, which should be really supportive to teachers who are not confident. I particularly like that they include information about the subject knowledge that is needed for each lesson, which is really useful information for individual teachers and for planning training across the school. They were really easy to tweak to fit our needs and the children loved the lessons and learned a lot from them. So thank you!” - Primary Teacher

Tell us what you think

If you're planning your computing lessons for next year using our curriculum, let us know what you found useful and what could be improved. You can provide feedback at unit or lesson level with either a quick 'thumbs up' or by filling in the feedback form at the bottom of each page.

We’re excited to see the curriculum being used in schools across England this coming September, and remember we’re also in the middle of recording our lessons with experienced computing teachers for Oak National Academy too!

About the author

Carrie Anne Philbin is the Director of Educator Support at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, CAS Board Member, Chair of CAS include, author, and YouTuber.