We did it!

24 September 2019

Following on from the highly anticipated Google graduation, roving reporter (and Programme Manager) Claire Arbery reflects on her highlights of the day.

After weeks of planning, re-planning, and a few sleepless nights, the day of graduation finally arrived, and we all left our respective parts of the country to make the trip to London, to the Google graduation.  

Despite being told several times that security "was tight" at Google, I had severely underestimated what that meant, and the visit of the sniffer dog to check the certificate boxes was an unexpected surprise, but very fun to watch.

Teachers were super keen to be part of the event, and had been arriving in the offices from 2pm (entry was from 4pm) and even Google staff were surprised at the number of teachers who were waiting to be brought up to the "Town Hall" at 4pm.

The event had a balance of formality and humour, and I still wince that I ran onto the stage clutching a bright green post-it with teachers' names on! Everyone seemed delighted to be there, and to receive their certificate and pin badge.  

Our Chair of the Academic Board, Simon Peyton-Jones enjoyed rock star status with teachers queuing politely for a photograph with him, before dashing off to pop it on Twitter or Facebook.

What struck me most about the event, was how much teachers valued being recognised for their achievement, and their enthusiasm for their subject - which may not have even been their first choice. It really made me feel that we are doing something worthwhile, and this programme does bring about a positive impact for teachers, and this is what I shall be keeping with me, as we grow this academic year.

Thank you to you all for embracing the day, and making it such an overwhelming positive experience, and no - I don't want to organise another one (just yet!)