We need you to tell us what you think!

05 July 2022

Since we first launched the Teach Computing Curriculum in August 2020, it has been downloaded 1,266,699 times with 12,122 unique schools downloading some of the resources. Not only that, but we have a 95% positive rating from those of you who have given us a thumbs up on the website!

It was never our intention to publish the TCC and leave it to age. We received over 1,500 items of feedback over the last two years and have used it to:

  • Make improvements to the TCC
  • Include the latest research-informed pedagogies in the resources
  • Ensure that the progression is clear for teachers and learners
  • Fix a few broken links along the way!

To make sure that the Teach Computing Curriculum continues to be a useful asset to teachers and learners, we need to hear from as many different teachers as possible to find out how you’re using it and your experiences. We promise not to ask difficult questions. We just want to know what you taught, how you taught it, and how it went. Your honest opinions are exactly what we need!

We would especially like to hear from you if:

  • You don't feel confident teaching computing
  • You have only recently started teaching computing
  • You teach computing as a small part of your timetable
  • You have taught computing to many different year groups, using a range of resources
  • You teach computing to multiple year groups or phases each year
  • You lead the subject or department of computing
  • You have any experience with using our resources!

There are 20 questions for you to answer and most of them are multiple choice. The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete — we asked people to test it to be sure! We do not ask for your name, email, or school name, so the survey is entirely anonymous and will only ever be reviewed as part of a large data set.

We know teachers are super busy, so we really value every minute of your time that you have given us. Please know that your contribution will help us keep making the Teach Computing Curriculum the best that it can be and will support learners to develop key computing skills in England and beyond.