Teach Computing Podcast Ep12 - The PRIMM Approach

10 December 2020

The latest episode of the teach computing podcast has arrived and in this final episode of 2020, Sue Sentence and James Robinson sit down to discuss the PRIMM approach to teaching programming and the importance of talk in the computing classroom.

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11:22 - Sue mentions some adaptations to PRIMM including KPRIDE and T.I.M.E.

22:57 - Whilst discussing how PRIMM can promote classroom talk we highlight that examples of PRIMM can be seen in the Teach Computing Curriculum materials.

25:52 - Sue and I highlight some places where you can read more about the PRIMM approach and suggest our Pedagogy Quick Read on the topic. For some further reading about activities suitable for the "Investigate" stage have a look at Sue's recent Hello World article.

26:27 - Sue also highlights other places where you can find great examples of PRIMM lessons. Her PRIMMing site features original materials, as well as resources written by others. Additionally the code-it site has some great examples on PRIMM in practice.

You can view the full transcript for this episode, here.


James Robinson
Senior Learning Manager
Raspberry Pi Foundation

Sue Sentance
Chief Learning Officer
Raspberry Pi Foundation