Student surveys – attitudes to computing

What are the student attitude surveys?

The student attitude surveys have been made available as part of I Belong: encouraging girls into computer science, a programme aimed at increasing girls’ participation in the subject. The surveys are designed to help you understand your students’ attitudes toward and perceptions of computing and computer science, particularly among girls, but can be used with students of all genders. The data collected will help teachers design interventions to improve uptake of GCSE computer science and subsequently measure changes in attitudes following programme participation.

On request, you will be supplied with unique links for a start/baseline survey and a follow up survey. Report links are also supplied, enabling you to identify trends or issues affecting your students that you can look to address through designing interventions. The surveys and reports are created on the surveying platform Alchemer.

Who are the surveys for?

The surveys are designed for schools participating in I Belong: encouraging girls into computer science, to use with key stage 3 students sufficiently in advance of choosing their GCSE options so that the data can inform interventions. The follow up survey should be issued to the same group after you have completed the programme. They have been designed with the flexibility in mind so that you can issue them before or after GCSE options are selected.

What will happen to data gathered using these surveys, and who will have access to it?

Each requester receives unique survey and report links. This means only responses gathered from your unique link will be viewable via the report link provided. Other schools will not be able to access your survey data.

STEM Learning, which delivers the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) programme, will also have access to anonymised student data to analyse and report on overall trends and impact on schools participating in the I Belong programme. For more information of how we handle data, please visit our privacy policy.

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Please note that survey links will always be issued from a email address.

We strongly recommend you review the detailed guidance before using the survey or report links.

Although we recommend issuing the start/baseline surveys at your earliest convenience, you can choose the best time to issue these and the follow up surveys.

Need some help?

If you have any questions or are experiencing issues with the surveys, please contact us on, with the subject header 'Student attitude surveys’.