Primary Spring-themed activities for your classroom

17 March 2022

Spring is in the air and the Easter holidays are nearly upon us. We’ve collated a range of computing resources that you can adapt and use in your classroom for a little seasonal fun!

Key stage 1

  • These Springtime resources from Barefoot Computing are for children aged 4 to 6 and designed to inspire them to engage in computational thinking while creating Junk scarecrows, making and exploring a Rabbit run and planting seeds.
  • Our Programming Animations unit introduces learners to on-screen programming through ScratchJr. Once you’ve taught this to your Year 1 pupils, you could adapt this resource to show them how to create an animation with insects and animals.
  • If you have already taught digital painting to Year 1, you could use your skills to show them how to paint their own Easter egg and compare the image to a drawn one.
  • Integrate a spring theme such as plants and flowers into one of your Year 2 lessons while teaching your class about digital photography using this unit.

Key stage 2

  • If you’ve introduced photo editing in your lessons with Year 4 this year, why not inspire your pupils to create their own Easter cards through editing digital images?
  • Teach your Year 5 pupils to use the skills they have gained in this unit to create a vector drawing with a spring theme, for example, flowers coming into bloom.
  • While teaching this 3D modelling unit, challenge your Year 6 pupils to create their own model with a seasonal twist!
  • Barefoot’s new resource, Wildlife Animations, has been created in collaboration with Micro:bit Education for pupils aged 7 to 9. It can support your pupils to create simple animations on the micro:bit’s LED display inspired by nature.

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