Supporting you with primary to secondary transition in computing

25 June 2024

The transition between primary and secondary school can present young people with many opportunities and challenges. A smooth transition can make the crucial difference between young people floundering and flourishing.

The number of students entered into both GCSE and A level computer science exams is up for summer 2024*, which is great news for the subject. To support the next generation of young people studying the subject, the National Centre for Computing Education is pleased to release a range of supportive materials to help young people on their journey between primary and secondary education.

New Teach Computing Curriculum materials

To support collaboration between colleagues in local primary and secondary schools, we’ve released a bank of lesson materials using the micro:bit and Make Code environment. The unit of work includes two lessons for the Year 6 teacher and a further two lessons for the Year 7 teacher, each using the micro:bit and progressing in challenge.

Key Stage 2 resources Key Stage 3 resources

Physical computing can also have a positive impact upon engagement of girls in computing. Have you signed up to the I Belong programme yet? Sign up to explore more curated resources, training, and implementation support to empower you with the tools to support more girls into computer science qualifications and careers as they head into secondary.

New short CPD course to support transition

Understanding transition can help tailor support to the needs of students moving between primary and secondary schools. We’ve introduced a new, short course that explores strategies to facilitate a positive transition experience and demonstrates how to use the new Teach Computing Curriculum materials in the classroom.

The course is designed for both primary and secondary teachers to attend together, fostering collaboration between the two schools. You can request this course to take place by contacting your local Computing Hub.

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*Provisional data released by the Department for Education shows a 6.2% increase in GCSE entries and a 11.8% increase at A level.

About the author

Simon Roberts is the Secondary Computing and Digital Lead for the National Centre for Computing Education.