Key stage 3 and GCSE subject knowledge certificate: George

27 March 2024

Hi, nice to meet you. Could you tell us who you are, and which certificate you chose to complete?

I am George Walker, a Secondary School Teacher at Moor Park High School in Preston. I chose to do the Secondary Teacher certification, specifically, the Key stage 3 and GCSE Computer Science subject knowledge certificate for two reasons, firstly, it allowed me to develop my subject knowledge and classroom practice in a recognised certification awarded by BCS,  and secondly, because it has allowed me to provide great teaching in my lessons through building student understanding and to ensure any misconceptions are tackled.

What specific skills or knowledge did you gain from participating in the certificate?

This certificate has allowed me to enhance my pedagogical approach in terms of computer science at secondary level, it has also provided me with the confidence to apply these skills in my classroom. When I look at specific skills, it has allowed me to understand the pedagogical approach to teaching programming through PRIMM, effective debugging techniques and practical methods to allow students to understand the key programming principles. Furthermore, it has allowed me to understand how to adapt and provide effective learning interventions within my classroom. This provided methods to look at the importance of accurate assessment to inform teaching of the curriculum, and gain confidence in the actions I take to support the children to success and well-being.

How has completing the certificate positively impacted your teaching approach and strategies in the classroom?

Completing the certificate has positively impacted my teaching approach in the classroom. This has led to:

  • Enhanced Pedagogical Skills: It has allowed me to learn new teaching methodologies, classroom management techniques, and ways to engage students effectively.
  • Reflective Practice: It has encouraged self-reflection, which has led to continuous improvement and a more student-centred approach.
  • Professional Growth: This certificate has led to increased confidence, networking opportunities, and career advancement.

How has the certificate improved your students’ love for computer science?

Completing the Teach Secondary Computing Certificate awarded by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, has significantly enhanced students' enthusiasm and passion for computer science in several ways. Firstly, the certification equipped me with up-to-date knowledge and pedagogical skills, enabling them to deliver engaging and effective lessons. Teachers who undergo this training are better equipped to communicate complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner, fostering a deeper appreciation for the subject among students.

Moreover, the certificate programme emphasizes the importance of hands-on learning experiences and practical application of computer science principles. By incorporating interactive activities, coding projects, and real-world problem-solving tasks into their teaching, certified educators can make the subject more relatable and exciting for students. This approach not only enhances students' understanding but also ignites their curiosity and creativity.

Finally, the fact that the certification is awarded by BCS adds credibility to the teacher's expertise in the field of computer science. Students are more likely to respect and value the subject when taught by a certified professional.

How has your experience with the certificate positively impacted your professional development?

Completing this certificate has positively impacted my professional development in several keyways. Firstly, the certification has expanded my knowledge base in the field of computer science, providing me with up-to-date insights into curriculum design, teaching methodologies, and emerging technologies. This has enhanced my confidence and competence as an educator, enabling me to deliver high-quality instruction that meets the needs of diverse learners.

Moreover, completing this certification has enhanced my professional credibility and opened new opportunities for career advancement. The certification signals to employers and colleagues that I am committed to excellence in computer science education and have met rigorous standards of proficiency.

What would you tell someone considering enrolling or completing the certificate?

Enrolling in the Teach Secondary Computing Certificate offers a structured pathway for professional growth in computer science education. The programme covers up-to-date content, ensuring you stay current with emerging technologies and teaching methodologies. Emphasis on hands-on learning allows for practical application of concepts in the classroom. Completing the certificate demonstrates your commitment to excellence and enhances your professional credibility, opening doors for career advancement. Additionally, you'll join a supportive community of educators and experts, gaining access to resources and networking opportunities. If you're passionate about computer science education and seeking to enhance your skills and credentials, enrolling in this programme is a worthwhile investment in your professional development.

Thanks, George.

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