Enrich your students' careers with Isaac Computer Science

23 November 2023

What is Isaac Computer Science?

Isaac Computer Science is the free online platform for students and teachers and is part of the National Centre for Computing Education. The platform provides high-quality learning materials for use in the classroom, for homework, and for revision.

Through Isaac we run both student booster and discovery events, which offer the perfect opportunity for your students to immerse themselves in the subject of computing, on top of their classroom learning. With our live, interactive events, we can inspire your students to further their passion for computer science and explore their future career options with our discovery sessions.

What are the different types of events on offer?

Booster events: these are for GCSE or A level students who either want to revise computer science or are less familiar with the material and want a primer. Each session focuses on a different computer science topic and gives students the understanding and confidence to use the concepts involved during their studies.

Discovery events: these are larger-scale sessions for GCSE and A level students, designed to inspire them about the career possibilities that computer science available. Highlights include expert speakers from industry and academia, panel discussions around studying at university, creative, hands-on workshops, and poster sessions from potential employers. Teachers are welcome, and encouraged, to attend too!

Upcoming Events

GCSE Boosters

A level Boosters

Discovery events

These events are a fantastic opportunity for you to play a part in your students' academic journey and an even better way to gear your students up to feel confident in their future careers, so don't miss out! Book your group spot today.

We can't wait to see you there!