Isaac Computer Science: introducing our new Class Progress Tool

21 January 2020

Great news! We've released a new way to measure your students' understanding of the A level syllabus on the Isaac Computer Science platform. It's called the Class Progress Tool.

The Class Progress Tool is an opportunity for A level Computer Science students to get some practice, with a set of 20 questions that are directly mapped to the two most popular curricula (AQA and OCR). It also gives you a chance to measure your students’ progress over the next few months.

Our five-step guide:

  1. View the test using the links below and try taking it yourself. Please note that once you’ve clicked the 'Submit' button to complete the test, you won’t be able to take it again.
  2. Make sure that all the students you want to take the test are in a Group that you control on the platform.
  3. Schedule in one hour of lesson time, and direct your students to take the test. The deadline for completion is Friday 14 February. The results will be kept on file by Isaac Computer Science.
  4. We will send you a notification in May for your students to repeat the same test.
  5. Once your students have taken both tests, you will get a report on the difference between your students’ scores in each test.

Class Progress Tool for AQA:

Class Progress Tool for OCR:

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