Home teaching week 6

01 June 2020

Hello! We're back for another action-packed week of home teaching lessons to support you and your students.

To all teachers and parents:

  • If you've just come across our resources, don't worry! You can start from the beginning of our multi-week schemes of work.
  • You can also get help with activities by attending one of our friendly Q&A sessions for all key stages. You can find the timings for these on each key stage's homepage.

Key Stage 1

  • In our Spot House Patterns activity, you will identify similarities between different houses and then use them to create your own house. Are you ready to create your own 'grand designs'?

Key Stage 2

  • In this fun activity, you will learn how to develop your own boat racing game in Scratch. Create a course, set some obstacles, and see if you can navigate your vessel to safety!

Key Stage 3

  • In part 2 of Learn how to use data structures, you’ll learn how to make your own encryption program, and us it to send and receive secret messages with a friend!

  • If you want to continue developing your phone app, check out our final lesson. You will finalise and share your app, as well as taking the end-of-unit assessment (remember you can also start at lesson 1)!

  • For lesson 4 of our Cybersecurity scheme of work, you will learn about the impact different types of malware can have on IT systems. You will also explore how bots are used in conjunction with malware and will understand the hidden role of bots and what potential influence they could have on societal issues.

Key Stage 4

  • In Networks, you will cover how data is sent from one computer to another in packets, as well as exploring networking protocols.

Key Stage 5

  • If you are an A level student, or a GCSE student transitioning to A level, join our Object-Oriented Programming in Python course. This week, you'll add the finishing touches to your game, and package it so that the classes you have written can be used by other people (remember you can also start at lesson 1)!