Graduate at Google this autumn

03 July 2019

Teachers on the Computer Science Accelerator Programme are being offered the opportunity to graduate at the Google offices in London this September.

Those who complete the programme before 31 July will be offered the opportunity to attend the prestigious graduation event on 16 September, and celebrate their achievements as the first teachers to be awarded their nationally recognised subject knowledge certificate.

Why Google?
Google have provided practical support, and a grant of £1 million over 3 years, to help us create 20 free online courses that form a large part of the Computer Science Accelerator programme. Hosting this event at Google is a great chance to show the achievements of our participants and share success with them.

How do I get to attend?
Commit to the programme by enrolling on the website, and complete your face-to-face and online courses by 31 July to gain access to this exclusive event.