Episode 11 - The Teach Computing Curriculum

04 September 2020

As pupils and teachers around the world return to school for what is likely to be a challenging year in education, many will be benefiting from the latest piece of support provided by the National Centre for Computing Education. The "Teach Computing Curriculum" aims to support teachers, reduce workload, and provide outstanding learning experiences for pupils. This massive 18-month project reached its goal in July, completing 500 hours of computing lessons for Key Stage 1 - 4 students (aged 5 -16). In this episode, we hear from the team behind the project as well as teachers preparing to use this exciting new content. The episode itself comes in 2 versions, one focusing on primary computing and the second aimed at secondary education.

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This month, everything we've discussed can be found on the teachcomputing.org site or via ncce.io/curriculum

You can also view the full transcript for the primary episode and the full transcript for the secondary episode.


James Robinson
Senior Learning Manager
Raspberry Pi Foundation

Carrie Anne Philbin
Director of Educator Support
Raspberry Pi Foundation

Sway Grantham
Senior Learning Manager (Primary)
Raspberry Pi Foundation

Andy Bush
Learning Manager (Primary)
Raspberry Pi Foundation

Ben Hall
Learning Manager (Primary)
Raspberry Pi Foundation

Josh Crossman
Programme Co-ordinator
Raspberry Pi Foundation

Allen Heard
Senior Learning Manager (Secondary)
Raspberry Pi Foundation

Ben Garside
Learning Manager (Secondary)
Raspberry Pi Foundation

Rebecca Franks
Learning Manager (Secondary)
Raspberry Pi Foundation

Matthew Wimpenny-Smith
Leader in Digital Strategy

Jen McCulloch
Computing Curriculum Consultant
Wirral Local Authority

Simon Dixon
Computing Lead

Dave Cross
Computing Subject Leader
North Liverpool Academy

Pete Dring
Curriculum Leader for Computing
Fulford School, York

Hena Shah
Curriculum Student Progress Lead
Trinity Academy Halifax

Heather Beecham
Acting Lead Teacher of Computing
Irlam and Cadishead Academy, Salford