Enriching KS1 computing through careers education

28 February 2024

It is never too early to start considering career education. In key stage one, there is a plethora of resources designed to aid you in enhancing and enriching computing through integrating careers into your existing computing lessons. 

This blog explores enrichment resources that integrate careers seamlessly into the computing curriculum.  Even better, adding these activities into your computing lessons helps you achieve the ‘build computing in your community’ section of the Teach primary computing certificate.   

Keep reading to discover a range of activities which you can use with your pupils to make computing relevant to the real world, foster engagement, and unleash the full potential of your pupils.  

Integrating enrichment: elevating your curriculum seamlessly 

Enrichment need not be relegated to the realm of 'extra-curricular' activities or extras which are completed after the lessons. Instead, envision a curriculum where bespoke lessons smoothly weave enrichment into your existing framework.

Explore these invaluable resources from Tech She Can that empower you to integrate careers into your current provision, making your curriculum not just educational but also captivating and inspiring.

Wearable tech in sports with Katie and Tex: Dive into the fascinating world of wearable technology in sports through an engaging animation. Pupils then unleash their creativity by designing their own tech-infused sportswear, complete with labels describing the functionality. 

Generative AI exploration with Katie and Tex: Join as they delve into the realm of Generative AI (Gen AI), showcasing how it enhances accuracy and usefulness of answers. Pupils are encouraged to try their hand at improving instructions and witness the direct impact on outcomes. 

These short lessons from Tech She Can introduce adults working in tech in a child-friendly way. They inspire young minds, especially girls, fostering a love for technology and paving the way for future tech enthusiasts. 

Engineering fairytales: a STEM adventure for young minds 

These enchanting Engineering Fairytales from STEMFIRST not only weave together Computing, D&T, and English but also provide an opportunity to connect with STEM ambassadors through an exciting introductory video. 

  • Cinderella's Timekeeping Challenge - embark on a journey with Cinderella as pupils explore the concept of timekeeping through simple devices. 
  • Hansel & Gretel's Programming Rescue Mission - join Hansel and Gretel in an engaging activity that combines programming and design & technology. 
  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff's Bridge Building Challenge - meet 'The Three Billy Goats' and embark on a challenge to build a sturdy bridge. Engage pupils in programming with robots, contributing to the safety of the goats by finding optimal routes to cross a bridge to fresh grass. 

Developing your own careers week

Developing a week dedicated to careers can be an enriching and empowering experience for pupils, providing them with insights into various jobs, skills that they can use within the job, and the opportunity to connect with their local community. 

This can be achieved in different ways: 

  • Inviting parents to talk to classes about how their own job uses technology can be a valuable way to provide real-world examples and insights for pupils. 
  • Using online resources to enhance your PSHE lessons through adding links to jobs that involve technology. BBC teach developed a series of short films looking at various jobs to support teachers - KS1 / KS2 PSHE: Different job types - BBC Teach. 
  • Barefoot's Careers and Technology Match is a valuable lesson resource designed to introduce pupils to various professions and the technology utilised within them. Through interactive discussions and activities, pupils explore the connection between different jobs and the technology tools essential to those roles. 

To find out where you can link the resources to your current units of work for Computing, join us in the ‘Leading Primary Computing' Community in the STEM Community. Don't forget that any enrichment activities also count towards your Teach primary computing certificate!

About the author

Vicky Dodds is a Lower Primary Computing Specialist and Primary Hub Lead for the National Centre for Computing Education.