Fun ideas for end of term computing activities

19 July 2022

Are you looking for end-of-term activities to inspire your pupils' computational thinking? We've collated ten, fun and engaging activities to use in class with children, all of which are free to use once you have signed up for an account via the websites featured below.

1. Plan an end of term picnic

Plan and calculate the cost of an end of term party and combine lots of STEM skills in the process. Whether it’s a picnic in the park, or a classroom event on the last day school, this activity is easy to use in class.

2. Create art with Scratch

Create beautiful spirographs using the programming skill of loops and repetition, in this scratch and art activity. With links to modelled examples, children can use and modify the pre-created Scratch projects.

3. Complete the Roman numeral pixel puzzle

Combine Roman mosaics with the teaching of pixels and digital images in computing, with this colour by Roman numeral pixel puzzle.

4. Exploring the ocean floor using Scratch

Use Scratch, to debug and then improve a program to move Autosub6000 around the ocean floor, photographing samples found. Challenge children to create a program which will move Autosub6000 autonomously.

5. Make paper planes using algorithms

Paper planes are great for learning about all things STEM! Follow an algorithm to make a paper airplane. Children need to correctly sequence the steps and discard any unnecessary information. Children can then give their algorithm to someone else to follow to see how efficient it is in making an airplane.

6. Promote sports with Barefoot Computing

Create posters using free digital tools to promote para sports and the athletes competing in the Commonwealth Games.

7. Complete the Lego building algorithm activity

In this adaptable Barefoot Computing activity for KS1 children build using blocks, then take photographs and write instructions for others to follow. It’s a great resource for developing early understanding of algorithms

8. Develop thinking skills in computing

Colourful easy to use cards each with a different challenge on which help children develop their computational thinking. These are perfect to use to really get children thinking.

9. Have fun with the pirate themed Bee Bot Mat

This Beet Bot mat is perfect for a pirate themed day, or just simple pirate fun! Children can program a Bee Bot to visit several sites on the pirate island and reach a treasure chest.

10. Try the ESA space coding challenges

Coding challenges using Scratch - programming simple games to help the friendly alien Paxi to visit Mars and the ISS.