Congratulations to Carrie Anne Philbin on her MBE award

12 October 2020

Carrie Anne Philbin, a key figure at the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) and Director of Educator Support at Raspberry Pi, has been awarded an MBE for her services to education in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2020.

Carrie Anne Philbin MBE led the team which created the NCCE’s Teach Computing Curriculum, over 500 hours of free teaching resources for primary and secondary teachers, launched this summer.

Prof Simon Peyton Jones, Chair of the NCCE said;

“I was absolutely delighted to hear of Carrie Anne’s MBE.  Among her many accomplishments she leads the NCCE team that has developed the Teach Computing Curriculum, a ten year detailed programme of study in computing.  It brings the computing curriculum to life, and will support thousands of teachers and millions of children.  Quite simply, she is a star.”

Carrie Anne has worked at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, one of the NCCE’s three consortium partners, for the last six years. She is also an author, Youtuber and a tireless champion for diversity and inclusion in computing.

Carrie Anne said;

“I am thrilled to be honoured in this way and to shine a light on all the great work happening in Computing education in the UK. But this work is not a solo endeavour! I’ve been immensely fortunate to have met and worked with a lot of clever and warm people within the Computing At School and Raspberry Pi communities who have helped me in all sorts of ways.

“I’m also proud to be part of a great team at the NCCE, working to support teachers in England. Thank you to all of them, as we continue to work to achieve our aims of a high class computing education for all.”

Carrie Anne co-founded CAS#Include, a working group of educators committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in computing, and a key part of Computing at School.

Carrie Anne’s Youtube channel, Geek Gurl Diaries, profiles women working in tech, creates hands-on computer science tutorials to raise the profile of women in tech, demonstrates that computing is fun, and encourages girls to get involved in computer science. She also hosts the Computer Science videos on Crash Course YouTube channel, with over two million views.