Celebrating the CSA Class of 21!

16 July 2021

Congratulations to everyone who’s “dived right in” to our Computer Science Accelerator programme, says NCCE chair, Prof Simon Peyton Jones.

Over the course of all this week, we’ve been shining the spotlight on the 4,500 teachers who have engaged in the CS Accelerator. We've shared a number of stories from our community of teachers, and hope you have enjoyed hearing from our Class of '21. If you're part way through your own learning programme, we also hope that you feel motivated to join in with their success!

Our Chair of the NCCE, Professor Simon Peyton Jones, said;

“The Computer Science Accelerator programme is aimed at putting you in the driving seat, equipped with the knowledge, the skills, and above all the confidence and vision to give your students the rich, inspiring computing education they deserve.  
Congratulations to those of you who have dived right in.  And if you are still on the poolside, let me invite you to join us in the water – we are building a better future, and we can only do it together.”

Meet the CSA Class of 21:
We’ve already shared stories from a number of teachers this week, including the team at Delta Academy Trust,  technologist and IT consultant Simon Whittle, qualified teacher Heather Whittle.

We’ve also spoken to a number of other teachers about their experience, ranging from teacher trainees to experienced teachers.

Rob Pitman from Fort Pitt Grammar School, Medway:

“As an experienced teacher of Computer Science but without a degree in the subject I have found that until I completed the CSA I was not being given opportunities to share my experience and practice with other colleagues and schools.  
“The CSA has enabled me to ratify my knowledge and understanding supporting the teaching and learning in my own school but also to work closer with the NCCE and a local Hub school to facilitate courses to share my knowledge and experience to others.  A worthy and creditable certificate to have achieved.”

Claire Reed, Cardinal Hume Catholic School in Gateshead:
“I signed up to the CSA during my ITT year hoping it would boost my skills and also my employability. During the 2021 lockdown other ITTs were getting the opportunity to teach the in-school key worker students lessons, this wasn’t an option for me due to my subject. However the CSA gave me the confidence to request to teach a CS lesson. This opportunity increased my confidence and honed the skills I had learnt from CSA, I then kept a CS lesson for the remainder of my ITT and has led to my first ECT post as a Business with Computing Teacher.”

Andy Bradley, Cardinal Hume Catholic School in Gateshead:

“As a subject-specialist, I was keen to go on the Computer Science Accelerator programme to develop my skills teaching GCSE computer science and beyond. I used the Computer Science Accelerator programme to complete a course on object orientated programming in Python- an area that I wanted to develop my knowledge further and can be applied from KS3 to KS5.
I have also benefited from further training as a result of the Accelerator programme. As a CSA graduate, I was able to access additional courses such as ‘Higher attainment in GCSE Computer Science’. This has already had a direct impact on my students and has improved their exam technique. The CSA has allowed me to embark on a path of free, accessible and high-quality training that I can directly apply to the classroom.”

Steve Phelps, computer science and maths teacher at Henley Bank High School:

"Being a 2nd career teacher with an extensive background in the IT industry, my school were keen to get me onboard when looking to reintroduce Computer Science to the curriculum at KS3. Engaging in the CS Accelerator programme has helped me to better understand exam board requirements, close a few knowledge gaps and give me the confidence to teach the full curriculum.  Gaining the CSA certificate has now also given my school the confidence to offer CS at KS4."

Be part of the CSA Class of '21!

More than 4,500 teachers have now engaged in the CS Accelerator courses. If you are yet to complete the programme, the NCCE has put in place a summer programme with five pathways to choose from, summer schools across the country, a curated programme of CPD, and the CSA in the Summer, with something for all abilities, from beginner to advanced level.

And if you’ve engaged with the CSA programme, join us to celebrate your success on social media! To join in, follow these simple steps:

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  • tag @WeAreComputing on Twitter or Facebook
  • add the hashtag #CSAClassof21