Celebrating National Coding Week 2023

30 August 2023

National Coding Week is just around the corner, commencing on the 18 September, and we couldn't be more excited to share our resources and CPD courses to get you inspired! This year’s theme is artificial intelligence, where a focus will be placed on exploring the benefits, concerns, and implications of this growing field.

This National Coding Week, why not complete our brand new online course 'Introduction to Machine Learning and AI'? You'll learn how to demonstrate several working machine learning models, explain and compare the different types of machine learning, as well as discuss the ethical issues surrounding the subject. You'll also be working towards your very own Secondary Certificate!

What is National Coding Week?

National Coding Week is an initiative aimed at helping adults and children learn and share their digital skills. Since 2014, the awareness week has inspired teachers and students alike to jump into coding and enhance their computing knowledge. You can find out more about the initiative on their website here.

Why code?

From widening career opportunities to developing soft and hard skills, the benefits of learning to code are extensive. For example, coding can help you to:

· strengthen your problem-solving skills

· enhance your communication abilities

· automate tasks and work across different industries

· improve your professional development plans

So, what doors exactly are opened to those who learn how to code?

The short answer is that coding can lead to a career in any industry - did you know that recent studies show that over 70% of jobs in coding aren’t confined to the technology industry? This means that aspiring coders can expect fulfilling careers in sectors they may not have previously anticipated, such as in finance, healthcare, education and media, and the creative industries.

Why not look at our Isaac Computer Science Journeys for some inspiration about where teaching and learning coding and the field of artificial intelligence can take you?

Get coding!

Whether you're an educator specialising in primary or secondary computing, aiming to enhance your current skills, ignite fresh inspiration, or play a role in the professional development of generations to come, we have coding courses for you. These CPD courses are offered in both remote and face-to-face formats, ready to engage you on a meaningful learning journey.

· Teach programming to 5- to 11-year-olds (primary)

· Programming 101: an introduction to Python for educators (primary and secondary)

· Programming 102: think like a computer scientist (primary and secondary)

· Python programming constructs: sequencing, selection and iteration - remote (secondary)

Useful resources

STEM Learning has collated a wide range of primary and secondary resources for you to introduce to your students this National Coding Week. Free to all teachers and designed for students aged 7 to 19, there's never been a better time to get stuck into the vast world of coding! Explore all activities here.

Let us know how you’re celebrating National Coding Week this year by tagging @WeAreComputing on X and using the hashtag #NationalCodingWeek. We can’t wait to see how you get involved!