KS3 Mobile App Development

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There's an app for that

Today, there’s an app for every possible need. With this unit you will be taken through the entire process of creating your very own mobile app, using App Lab from code.org. You will spend time building a simple game before being tasked with building a brand new app. The process involves research, designing your app, writing the code for it, before finally evaluating and publishing it for the world to use.

Support is available

If you have any questions about the topic or any of the lesson resources you can contact us by emailing info@teachcomputing.org.

"Only Students of age 13 and older, or Students under 13 who are working in a classroom whose Teacher has explicitly accepted the Code.org Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, can choose to upload custom images, sounds, and videos to the Code.org platform to use within apps or games that they create. Students under 13 will be advised never to upload any media containing Personal Information."


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