Lesson 3 – School lab studios

Welcome to KS3 Mobile App Development

In this lesson, you will

  1. Update the Tappy Tap App to display the user’s score
  2. Start your app project:
    • Establish user needs and apply success criteria to help evaluate the success of your project
    • Start to design the solution to a real-world problem

Video 1

Starter activity - Catch the bug

Spot the errors

Follow this link: ncce.io/AppLabL3S

Video 2

Lesson 3 starting point: ncce.io/AppLabL3SFa1 (only use if you don't want to use your own app from last lesson)

Video 3

Activity 3 - Passing the score into user_score_label

Activity 3 Worksheet

Video 4

KS2 Maths app

Your weight in space

Clicky biscuits

Virtual pet

Video 5


Lesson 3 Homework - Use this as a template to design two screens for your mobile application.

You will need to print this if you want to do it by hand.