Home Teaching: Key Stage 1

Topic: Algorithms

Over the coming weeks you will be able to access resources to help your child learn about algorithms.

Not sure what an algorithm is? By accessing these resources, together with your child you'll get to grips with what they are and begin creating your own fun and exciting algorithms.

The following resource links will take you to the Barefoot Computing website, all resources are freely available to download.

Support is available

If you have any questions about the topic or any of the lesson resources you can access our live chat* for question & answers which is available daily, at the times specified below (except for bank holidays):

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Lesson 1 - starting 27th April

Learn why ordering is so important...
In this activity, children can identify and sequence events from a familiar story or song, which will help them learn that the order of events is important. This is a first step in understanding what algorithms are.

Lesson 2 - starting 4th May

Learn how to program your own robot...
In this activity, children will learn to create and sort a sequence of instructions (algorithms) to program their Human Robot to move.

Lesson 3 - starting 11th May

Learn how to create patterns...
In this activity, children spot and create patterns. Children develop their understanding of algorithms (a specific sequence of instructions or rules) by writing instructions for others to recreate their patterns. They then check if their algorithms work through evaluation and debugging.

Lesson 4 - starting 18th May

Learn how to break problems down using building blocks...
In this activity, your child/children create a simple model and then take photos to create instructions (an algorithm) for others to try and recreate their model. By removing one block at a time, they are decomposing the problem into manageable steps.

Lesson 5 - starting 26th May

Learn how to sequence dance moves...
In this activity, children will make up a dance routine and create the instructions for a partner to follow.

Lesson 6 - starting 1st June

Learn how to spot house patterns
In this activity, children identify similarities between different houses and then use them to create their own house.