How CAS communities of practice can help you

08 July 2019

CAS Communities of Practice are groups of teachers who are enthusiastic about Computing, coming together to share ideas and resources.  They are run by teachers and provide an opportunity for professionals in the local area to benefit from support, training and expertise outside the remit of their own school. CAS Communities are either primary, secondary or mixed and meet three times a year, on a termly basis. It is free to sign your school up to Computing at School and also to join a CAS Community. If you would like to join, first enrol your school as a member of CAS ( Once registered, use your school’s postcode to search for your nearest CAS Community. Each Community has its own page where forthcoming meetings are advertised – don’t forget to sign up to the event to let the leader know you plan to attend!

Meetings can be hosted in a variety of places, ranging from a classroom of a local school to a nearby place of interest.  The most interesting CAS Community meeting I’ve attended was led by CAS Community Leader Robert Leeman and held at The Centre for Computing History (

There are many benefits to being associated with Computing at School.  Not only will you be able to seek support from a local community, but through the online forums there is an ever-increasing network of like-minded professionals who can offer ideas and advice for teaching computer science.

CAS through the BCS The Chartered Institute for IT, forms part of the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) and through this association you will have the opportunity to access a variety of free face-to-face and online courses. These cover topics taught from KS 1 - 4, are available in locations across England and can be viewed here.

As a former primary teacher who led computing for a number of years, I cannot recommend Computing at School more highly to you!  Joining CAS and getting involved with a CAS Community will really help you move computing forward in your school.  By sharing good practice, you will save valuable time.  

By listening to others, you will be reinvigorated and enthused to try out new ideas and approaches.  Through participating in CPD, you will further your own understanding of computer science and ultimately be encouraged on your school’s journey towards excellence in computing.  So, what are you waiting for?!!

For further information on CAS Communities, please send your query to the CAS team who will be able to help: