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Program comprehension has become recognised as an important step in learning to program. What exactly is program comprehension, why is it so important, and how can educators develop these skills with their learners?

30 October 2020

To support schools and teachers with limited access to their school computer suite, we look at how to adapt teaching to incorporate meaningful activities that introduce ideas or develop understanding away from computers, including ideas to introduce in your classroom.

28 October 2020

Congratulations to the first 1,000 teachers to have completed the Computer Science Accelerator, from the NCCE’s Chair, Prof Simon Peyton Jones, who has praised them for helping “to make the world a better place.”

02 October 2020

Computing is rich with abstract concepts to understand and technical skills to master. In order to flourish, students need a wide variety of learning experiences. Most of the time, this experience involves the use of computing devices and specialist software, but not always.

29 September 2020

Nigel Ferry, who moved from teaching design and technology to computer science, recounts his professional development journey and the impact on his career.

28 September 2020

Sophie Jenkinson, who recently completed her teacher training as a maths teacher, reflects on her experience of attending our early-career summer school and the skills she’s gained for the classroom.

28 September 2020

Alexander Gray, a PE teacher from the North East, tells us about his move to teaching computing.

26 September 2020

PRIMM is an approach that can support teachers in structuring lessons in programming. In this quick read we explore the five stages of PRIMM and some of the research behind the approach.

24 September 2020

Rebecca Connell talks us through her journey into computer science teaching. From starting out as a Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) teacher, to becoming the Head of Computing at The Cowplain School.

24 September 2020

Dave Gibbs explains why inspiring students to learn more about computing at KS3 is so important, even though the benefits are often not revealed until later key stages.

21 September 2020

Ajay Sharman, Regional Network Lead for STEM Learning, poses the question of whether playing video games can help literacy in schools.

10 September 2020

A year ago today, we launched the Isaac Computer Science programme to bring free, high-quality computer science resources to teachers and students around England.

07 September 2020

The "Teach Computing Curriculum" aims to support teachers, reduce workload, and provide outstanding learning experiences for pupils.

04 September 2020

Primary computing leader Sian Higgs, explains why she decided the Teach Computing primary certificate was right for her, and what she learnt while completing her qualification.

18 August 2020

We are delighted to congratulate the first 1,000 teachers to complete our CS Accelerator programme; boosting schools’ ability to deliver GCSE computer science across England.

10 August 2020

Computer Science teacher Annie Cuffe Davies tells us about her transformative journey through the Computer Science Accelerator, and the impact it's had on her and her school.

10 August 2020

This time last year I was working hard to complete the final assessment for the CSA programme. So much has changed since then...

10 August 2020

Over a year ago, we embarked upon an ambitious project: a collection of over 500 hours of teaching materials to help you with the delivery of the entire computing curriculum from Key Stages 1 to 4 in England. We are therefore delighted to launch the new curriculum section of our website today!

03 August 2020

Hello! It's the last week of our home teaching programme and we are SO PROUD to have supported over 80,000 of you to keep learning about computing over the last three months.

13 July 2020

Matt Davenport, a computing subject leader at Stoke Heath Primary School in Coventry has recently completed the Teach Primary Computing certificate. In this blog piece he shares his experience about how it's helped his teaching practice

09 July 2020

We're excited to announce that we’ve partnered with the Oak National Academy to present our Teach Computing Curriculum lessons on camera, direct to students

06 July 2020

Hello! It's the penultimate week of our home teaching programme and, as always, we are here to support students of all age groups and abilities to learn about computing.

06 July 2020

Are you looking for some supercharged computer science CPD over the holiday period? We've got you covered.

02 July 2020

It's week 10 of our home teaching programme. This week's activities include chatbots, bedroom battleships, and tracking the international space station!

29 June 2020

Surveys and interviews are powerful tools for collecting data (usually qualitative) from participants. In this 2 page read we compare these similar approaches and highlight when each might be more appropriate.

25 June 2020

In many research projects observing and recording student behaviour is a useful way to measure the impact of new ideas and approaches. In this quick read we explore structured and unstructured observation techniques as well a verbal observation approaches.

25 June 2020

CAS’s usual summer conferences cannot be held as planned, but its new online event extravaganza, the CAS Virtual Showcase, promises an exciting programme focusing on the latest in computing education

22 June 2020

It's week 9 of our home teaching programme and, as always, we are here to support all student age groups and abilities to learn about computing.

22 June 2020

It's week 8 of our home teaching programme and, honestly, we can't believe how quickly the time has gone.

15 June 2020

Fiona, a returning teacher, recalls her experience with the programme and how it has increased her knowledge of the subject having been away from the subject.

09 June 2020

Today see the launch of our brand new program focused on supporting educators to develop their practice through action research in the classroom. In this episode I spoke to Lynda Chinaka about her experience of action research in the computing classroom

09 June 2020

An exciting new online course is now available for teachers of all age groups. You will learn how to research, plan, execute, and analyse new pedagogical ideas for your classroom.

09 June 2020

Hello and welcome to week 7 of our home teaching programme! This week is a re-boot of sorts because we run our schemes of work in six week blocks.

08 June 2020

Hello! We're back for another action-packed week of home teaching lessons to support you and your students.

01 June 2020

Hello and welcome! We're up early and ready for week 5 of our Home teaching programme.

25 May 2020

We are providing specific support for trainee teachers to help you develop your subject knowledge, subject specific pedagogy, general teaching pedagogical skill.

18 May 2020

Our latest lessons and activities for students of all ages: dungeon design, cybercriminals, and building blocks!

18 May 2020

Tests, hosted by Eedi, make it easy for you to set quizzes for your students to complete at home.

14 May 2020

Find out what's new in our latest round of lessons and activities for students of all ages...

11 May 2020

This month's episode focuses on Peer Instruction, a classroom practice we recently covered in a Pedagogy Quick Read.

07 May 2020

A school where computing is very popular amongst students has quickly adapted to online teaching - and students have shown they know how to use the mute button!

07 May 2020

Hello! We hope you enjoyed your first week on our new Home teaching programme. Lots of parents and teachers have contacted us with pictures of the fantastic projects they’ve been making with their young people. Here's a nice one from Dan Smith and his five year old. Thanks @WeAreComputing

04 May 2020

Current circumstance has had a profound impact on the way that education is delivered to students around the world. This quick read introduces some terms, frameworks, and barriers related to distance learning, and aims to support educators as they transition to online teaching.

28 April 2020

Craig‘n’ Dave’s videos for students and teachers of computer science have come into their own in this new era of home teaching.

27 April 2020

We are delighted to announce our decision to widen the eligibility for our flagship training programme, increasing the number of teachers able to deliver GCSE computer science.

22 April 2020

The Isaac Computer Science team has been working hard to make sure that you have everything that you need to teach or learn A level Computer Science from home.

21 April 2020

Schools and colleges have been swinging into action to produce face shields and other PPE for the NHS and social care sector using their 3D printers and laser cutters.

15 April 2020

To help support teachers, parents and students we’ve brought together a range of resources and websites that can be used to continue educating and supporting young people whilst they are at home.

09 April 2020

In response to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, we have been working hard to develop and roll out a range of online materials to support teachers, schools and families.

08 April 2020

Given current events we wanted to hear from a group of educators about their experiences of shifting learning online at short notice. The challenges and opportunities they have encountered as well as their recommendations of tools, approaches and content.

02 April 2020

During this time of uncertainty, we are working hard to develop and share a range of online materials to support you. Find out more about what is available.

25 March 2020

Following our recent quick read on the same subject, I spoke to Rebecca Franks from the Raspberry Pi Foundation about the benefits of Live Coding in computing education.

19 March 2020

Concept maps could be presented to learners to convey connections between concepts or created/completed by learners themselves. They can even be used to capture and assess pupil understanding.

17 March 2020

Meet our careers week champion, Sam Parker, a Technology Degree Apprentice at PwC, who studies Computer Science (Digital & Technological Solutions) at the University of Leeds.

27 February 2020

We chat to Swetha Sethu-Jones, Senior UX Researcher at Just Eat, about her career path, from choosing her university degree to her current role.

27 February 2020

Risa Ueno, PhD student at British Antarctic Survey, explains how her research has steered her career and understanding of climate change.

27 February 2020

Marcus Tyyger, Radiotherapy Research Physicist, explains how his interest in computing has led him into a healthcare role with a real impact on cancer patients.

27 February 2020

As part of our National Careers Week campaign, we shine the spotlight on Beth Holmes, Knowledge Engineer, Alexa at Amazon.

27 February 2020

We talk to Mark Bardsley, Transformation Programme IT Executive at Manchester Airport Group, about his career path in IT, from academia to a typical day in his current role.

27 February 2020

A progression framework is the backbone of any subject curriculum. From our research, we have found that there are two quite different ways of presenting progression that show what should be taught and when it should be taught, as well as information on how or why concepts should be taught.

25 February 2020

This week saw the launch of two Year 7 programming units for the NCCE Resource Repository. We’re very excited that they will be the first of many programming units to appear on the Resource Repository, and want to explain the thinking behind these units.

25 February 2020

Almost a year ago, we began the task of deciding what the ‘best’ approach would be to covering the entire content of the KS1 and 2 Computing National Curriculum. We had the national curriculum, but what it doesn’t show is how to get learners from their starting point, to the predefined end points.

25 February 2020

Just over 15 months ago, we were in the process of planning for the delivery of the NCCE. We began to think about the significant challenge we’d face in organising and talking about our subject. We reviewed many of these and eventually decided upon three principles for our organisational structure.

25 February 2020

In this month's episode, we hear from members of the Raspberry Pi Foundation Educator Support team about how they are approaching progression throughout the NCCE Resource Repository resources.

18 February 2020

Throughout computing, and in particular programming, there are many technical terms with precise technical meanings. This can frame expert knowledge as inaccessible to novice learners. Using semantic waves is one way to support novice learners in computing.

13 February 2020

The National Centre for Computing Education has announced a further four schools/colleges that have been successful in their application to become Computing Hubs.

13 February 2020

An exciting announcement today: as part of our ongoing work and support for the National Centre for Computing Education, we have launched a new rewards programme that will see us give away 4,000 Raspberry Pi 4 kits over the next three years!

05 February 2020

With technology changing the way we live, learn and work, our chair Simon Peyton Jones spoke at Bett about the need for a different approach to the teaching of computing in the classroom.

29 January 2020

In this month's Teach Computing Podcast, we explore some practical strategies that not only support SEND students but improve accessibility for all learners.

23 January 2020

Steve Clarke, Senior Education Lead (Computing), introduces Subject Matter Experts, explains what their role is, and who is eligible for support.

22 January 2020

We've released a new way to measure your students' understanding of the A level syllabus on the Isaac Computer Science platform. It's called the Class Progress Tool.

21 January 2020

Are you attending this year's Bett Show (22-25 January)? Come and find out about the programmes and resources we offer first hand.

17 January 2020

A learner's first experience of a solution to a programming problem may in fact be the final program, polished, complete and error free. Live Coding is one approach to exposing learners to the full process of programming.

14 January 2020

We are committed to helping A level teachers and students get the most out of Computer Science. That’s why we have just released 10 new topics — 27 in total — on our platform.

08 January 2020

Like many other teachers, I regularly used multiple choice questions in quizzes and tests, and viewed them primarily as a means of assessment. Peer Instruction turns this view on its head and instead uses multiple choice questions for teaching.

19 December 2019

In this month's Teach Computing podcast we focus on the challenges facing Computing educators and some of the ways in which teachers can get support.

17 December 2019

Hello! This is a quick post to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped Isaac Computer Science to have such an amazing first year. You are all awesome, and we are excited to be working with you to develop this programme further.

16 December 2019

Computer science is a growing GCSE subject, presenting opportunities for teachers looking to develop their career across the curriculum. Dave Gibbs looks at opportunities for non-specialists, including our new course ‘Introduction to GCSE Computer Science’.

03 December 2019

In this month's Teach Computing podcast we’ve decided to focus a whole episode on a single aspect of pedagogy and how it applies to teaching computing.

28 November 2019

Watch our new film, 'NCCE: the story so far'. To mark our anniversary, we've been to Newcastle, Wolverhampton, Swindon and Cambridge to find out what teachers think about our programme.

27 November 2019

Our full suite of Key Stage 3 and GCSE level subject knowledge assessments are now available, and are free for use by any teacher and their students.

20 November 2019

Collaborative working is effective in many curriculum areas, but a structured pair programming approach can support learners to develop programs and problem solve more successfully.

14 November 2019

Today, we are opening general recruitment for the programme. This means that all primary and secondary schools in England can now take part in the upcoming trials in this landmark programme.

11 November 2019

Longitude Explorer Prize is open to secondary schools and youth groups across the UK, to enter teams of 11-16 year olds with ideas for tech that will help improve the world around them.

05 November 2019

This month marks the one-year anniversary of the National Centre for Computing Education. To celebrate, we're taking a look back at some of the highlights from the past year, as well as giving you a chance to find out we've got planned for our anniversary week.

04 November 2019

We’re following up our inaugural episode’s exploration of the reasons for teaching computing with a discussion about what we mean when we talk about ‘computing’.

18 October 2019

At the National Centre for Computing Education we want to capture the views of Computing teachers on the front line. So over the next month, we are running our first National Centre teacher survey to understand the how Computing is being delivered in your school.

16 October 2019

Worked examples are a tool commonly used in a range of subjects including Maths & Science to support novice learners. By studying worked examples alongside the completion of traditional practice problems, learners are exposed to the problem solving process as well as frequently applied techniques. A well constructed worked example:

10 October 2019

We are pleased to announce the first part of our autumn/winter programme of Isaac Computer Science events for students and teachers. There are a number of different events happening all over the country — book your place at an event near you today!

09 October 2019

We are excited to announce the launch of a comprehensive new assessment suite for Key Stage 3 computing and GCSE computer science.

02 October 2019

We are working to create a comprehensive Resource Repository for you: a collection of over 500 hours of teaching materials to help you with the delivery of the entire computing curriculum from Key Stages 1 to 4 in England.

30 September 2019

Following on from the highly anticipated Google graduation, roving reporter (and Programme Manager) Claire Arbery reflects on her highlights of the day.

24 September 2019

Venetia Howard reflects on how far she has come as a teacher and the sense of purpose and community she enjoyed at the CS Accelerator Google graduation

19 September 2019

After proudly achieving the Computer Science Accelerator Certificate, Spencer Organ is looking forward to having an impact on his students' learning

18 September 2019

Watch our new video, which sets out the vision for the National Centre for Computing Education, as narrated by Simon Peyton Jones.

17 September 2019

Busy teachers don’t always have the time to access, read, and assimilate pedagogy research into evidence-based practices, let alone begin to implement these practices in their classrooms. To help, we’re developing a series of bite-sized Pedagogy Quick Reads.

12 September 2019

English teacher Julie Simmons has taken a new chapter in her career, moving to teaching GCSE computer science through the CS Accelerator course

11 September 2019

We are delighted to co-launch Isaac Computer Science, a new online platform for teachers and students of A level Computer Science.

09 September 2019

With the return of #CASChat taking place on Tuesday 10 September, Steve Clarke explains more about the weekly chat forum, and why you should get involved this year.

05 September 2019

A recent participant on the NCCE CS Accelerator course to improve teaching of computer science at GCSE level, Ahsan Ashraf explains the ‘amazing’ benefit of working with other computer science teachers

05 September 2019

Having recently attended our NCCE summer school, secondary teacher Leroy David talks about the benefits of blended CPD and collaborating with peers to develop new techniques.

02 September 2019

Entries to GCSE computer science have increased in 2019, for the sixth year in succession, indicating a growth in popularity for the subject

22 August 2019

Maths and computer science teacher Kasim Rashid, from north London, explains how attending an NCCE summer school in York enhanced his GCSE computer science teaching and even had an impact on other subjects.

15 August 2019

The NCCE is delighted to launch a further seven Computing Hubs, taking the total number to 30 and increasing the geographical reach of the programme.

31 July 2019

Every teacher understands that how you teach is as important as what you teach. Here, James Robinson describes the NCCE's plans to support teachers of Computing who are interested in pedagogical strategies and evidence-based teaching.

24 July 2019

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Moon landings, Claire Arbery talks about the vital role of computer science in helping young people to become pioneers of new technology.

22 July 2019

Moving from teaching music to teaching computer science may not seem the most natural step, but Helen Brant has successfully made the leap, with help from the National Centre for Computing Education’s Computer Science Accelerator Programme.

16 July 2019

We are running a series of summer schools for teachers looking to enhance their GCSE computer science subject knowledge ready for the next academic year.

11 July 2019

Paul Thornton explains why including computing as part of the curriculum is so important to young people and society

09 July 2019

Teachers who graduate from the Computer Science Accelerator Programme by 31 July are being offered the opportunity to graduate at Google this September.

03 July 2019

The NCCE has announced 23 schools and colleges who will be leading Computing Hubs in their area.

02 July 2019

Dave Gibbs explains why our human needs are key when it comes to teaching computing and the latest technology

25 June 2019

Steve Clarke, Senior Education Lead for Computing, explains how the NCCE can support your school with computing and with the new Ofsted framework

21 June 2019

Gender Balance in Computing - register your interest for our first project!

11 June 2019

James Robinson, Senior Learning Manager at Raspberry Pi, tells us about the benefits of volunteering in the community

05 June 2019

We are developing new resources for primary and secondary schools. These resources include schemes of work, lesson plans, activities, and assessments.

04 June 2019

In response to recent press coverage around coding in schools, our Chair Simon Peyton Jones explains why teaching children to write programs is of central importance.

03 June 2019

We have just published a brochure about our professional development programme for teachers of GCSE computer science.

23 May 2019

As part of our work as the National Centre for Computing Education, we are excited to reveal that we’ve been awarded £2.4m for a new research project to investigate what works for engaging more girls in computing.

30 April 2019

We spoke to Richard Smith, who has recently become a course facilitator for the National Centre for Computing Education, about his experience of delivering CPD.

24 April 2019

We are delighted to announce our first regional delivery network, which has been established to support our vision of a world-leading computing education for every young person in England.

04 April 2019

Last week we celebrated International Day of Women and Girls in Science, which prompted me to reflect on the experiences and factors that led me to study STEM subjects at A level.

01 April 2019

The A-Level programme element of the National Centre for Computing Education will provide comprehensive support to teachers and students in England for AS/A level computer science.

23 January 2019

Less than three months from the official announcement of the creation of the Centre, we have released our first major set of features to allow users to begin their journey with us.

22 January 2019